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Panchakarma Chikitsalayam


K.K.N Travels

We KKN Travels operating home Thiruvalla and Chenganoor.We always happy to serve you the services includes marriage functions,domestic travels and tours to pilgrimages.

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Ayuvedic Treatments

Ayurveda,the ancient system of medicine,orginated in india and evolved over centuries to its presnt form. It is in Kerala that the rejuvanation therapy of panchakarma grew and flourished. Ayurveda,the art of healing and science of living aims at removing under lying causes of disease and rejuvanation of the body and mind.

Shamana and shodana are the two concepts of disease management in Ayurveda. Shamana means allivation and for this purpose uses various herbal medicines named Kashayams, Lehyams,Oils and Aarishtasavams.

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Medical Tourism Packages